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Election Updates

In this section voter education materials like posters, flyers, leaflets etc. are available with motivational, educational and factual information about local government elections in provinces of Sindh and Punjab. This section is constantly updated so you may wish to check back after some time for latest updates.

KPK Local Government Results 2015

KPK Local Government Results 2015

Sindh Local Government Elections Results 2015.

Local Government Election Result in Islamabad 2015

Local Government Election Result in Islamabad 2015

The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is a statutory, autonomous body established in February 2014 for promotion of women’s rights. The Commission aims at helping women to learn about their rights or services available to them or if they are facing gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence or being denied any legal and constitutional rights. 

Local Government System in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)

After Pakistan came into being as an independent state on 14 August1947, the port city of Karachi was declared capital of the country. However, it was felt that a new and permanent capital city had to be built to reflect the diversity of the Pakistani nation.

District Selected for Three Phased elections,as notified by Election Commission of Pakistan.

Civic Education

Democracy at Local Level: an Over Review

Modern governance is associated with political participation of public in robust way.

Political Inclusion of Marginalized

Globally, it is identified that more than 50 countries have embraced democracy in the last 20 years and now struggle to consolidate democratic governance.

Voter Education Handbook

Voter Education Handbook with downloadable PDF Document.

Latest Blog

13/02/2017 - 16:47

The most important ingredient of democracy is the electoral exercise in which people surrender their will to their chosen representatives providing them an opportunity of deliverance in a given time frame.

30/12/2016 - 11:23

While I was searching data of politicians with disability for my official task, I was surprised to know that there was not a signal politician (with disability), neither in our National Assembly nor in any of the Provincial Assemblies...

17/11/2015 - 09:51
Improving Legal Framework to Curb Electoral Violence
The phenomenon of electoral violence is a major issue in nascent democracies of the world. In order to curb electoral violence, a multi-pronged approach is adopted all over the world which includes transparency in preparation of voters’ lists...
06/11/2015 - 11:56
Say no to Electoral Violence
The primary pillar of democracy is the electoral process. For the same to be transparent and credible in true sense, people must have a free and fair opportunity to elect their representatives without any extraneous pressure. Any attempt to compel or force the people to go against their free will through extreme measures, particularly by use of physical or psychological force,