Political IQ Test

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A database of questions developed to gauge political IQ of the voters and understanding of the citizens regarding political development, election laws and democratic, constitutional and electoral history of Pakistan. Anyone wants to test his/her IQ have to take a test consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions. At the end of the test, result of the test is announced stating the percentage of marks obtained.The correct answer is also displayed for the benefit of player.E-Application selects the questions randomly  for a test.

Quiz 1 Quiz 11 Quiz 21 Quiz 31
Quiz 2 Quiz 12 Quiz 22 Quiz 32
Quiz 3 Quiz 13 Quiz 23 Quiz 33
Quiz 4 Quiz 14 Quiz 24 Quiz 34
Quiz 5 Quiz 15 Quiz 25 Quiz 35
Quiz 6 Quiz 16 Quiz 26 Quiz 36
Quiz 7 Quiz 17 Quiz 27 Quiz 37
Quiz 8 Quiz 18 Quiz 28 Quiz 38
Quiz 9 Quiz 19 Quiz 29 Quiz 39
Quiz 10 Quiz 20 Quiz 30 Quiz 40
Quiz 41      





Its really good to see such facility to check your IQ, however, i am unable to access to question, having entered id many times.



Please suggest how can i get access to questions 

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